Sarah Kendig (2019)

Sarah was Dr. Kendig’s veterinary technician at his previous clinic in Connecticut and moved out to Utah with him in 2015 to help get Alpine Animal Hospital started. She is attending vet school in Arizona at Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine. Sarah hopes to become another doctor on staff at Alpine Animal Hospital when she receives her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2019.

Sarah has always known that she loved animals and the sciences. When she was nine years old she lost her beloved Labrador to Lyme disease and it was at this point that she decided that one day she would become a veterinarian so that she could be the healing hand to so many beloved pets like the one she had just lost. Sarah began by volunteering at animal shelters and interning at veterinary hospitals before becoming a veterinary assistant and then veterinary technician in Connecticut.

Sarah owns four pets; Chloe who is a nine year old yellow Labrador who loves nothing more than to swim in her pool and fetch her tennis ball, Lynx who is a three year old Maine Coon Tabby mix who truly believes she is a dog and enjoys being walked outside on a leash, Tara who is a rescue who is a two and a half year old shepherd Labrador mix who loves everything about life, and Hemi who is her newest rescue pup from Vet School in Arizona.

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