What Is A Vaccine? A vaccine is a medicine that we administer to protect your pet against a specific disease or a number of diseases depending on the type of vaccine we use. Basically a vaccine teaches the immune system to quickly respond to the disease by releasing the appropriate antibodies against that disease. This either will prevent the infection or mitigate signs of the infection while their body fights it off. When should you vaccinate: Ideally puppies and kittens will start at eight weeks of age and get vaccinated every month until they are sixteen weeks of age. Most people think the number of vaccines is important but it is actually the timing of the vaccines that allows for the appropriate immune response. The last vaccine at or after 16 weeks is imperative to stimulate adequate immunity.

What Vaccines Do My Animals Need? By law every dog and cat over 12 weeks of age needs to be vaccinated for Rabies as it poses a significant human health risk. We call this a zoonotic risk, meaning a disease that can be transmitted from animal to a person. If a person is bitten by a rabid dog and is not addressed immediately the person will suffer painful neurological signs prior to death. Even indoor animals need to be vaccinated as there is always a potential risk of exposure from animals that might gain entry into your house. There is no test for the rabies virus in an alive animal.

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